Our Rooms

To us, “ecologically friendly” means, simply, treating nature and people with respect.

For our hotel, we’ve made a point of choosing natural materials over man-made. When searching for the right linens and accessories, for example, we were often told “It’s not available,” or “You can’t do it that way.” But we worked hard to find suppliers who could help us make Hotel Gruenwald one of a kind.

Hotel Grünwald Ansbach - Zimmer 11

As a result, wooden casement windows, doors, flooring and furniture ensure that even people with allergies will spend peaceful nights with us. Here you’ll discover beautiful natural-fiber bedclothes and draperies, including extra-long blankets to accommodate even the tallest guests. And we are especially proud of the hotel’s interior design, which we commissioned from Petra Weinmann, an incredibly creative and sensitive local artist. We think you’ll find the pastels, earth tones and original images with which she graced our walls to be a soothing treat for the eye and the soul.

Hotel Grünwald Ansbach - Zimmer 12

Each of our guest rooms is different in size, color and furnishings. Each has a private bath, telephone, TV and Internet-access port. Each has its own special atmosphere of color and light -- an atmosphere that you can personalize further by asking for one of our scented-oil lamps.

Hotel Grünwald Ansbach - Zimmer 095
Hotel Grünwald Ansbach - Bad 2